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Doug Glovaski is a professional artist, now living and working in the small town of Spreckels, Ca. located in Monterey County. He has been a professional artist for over thirty years with numerous group and solo shows. His work appears in several private, corporate , and institutional collections some of which include the San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, Ca., The Monterey Museum, Monterey, Ca., The Manetti/Shrem Museum of Art, Davis, Ca., The Crocker Museum in Sacramento, Ca., The Triton Museum in Santa Clara, Ca. The De Saissett Museum in Santa Clara, Ca., The Achenbach Collection at the Legion of Honor, San Francisco, Ca., and The Fogg Museum at Harvard, Cambridge, Mass..

Essentially self-taught,  Glovaski grew up in the suburbs of a small California town situated between the coast of Santa Cruz and the metropolitan city of San Jose. He was encouraged at an early age by his parents to paint and draw. His interest in art continued through high school where he excelled in his art classes. After high school he would enter the work force in the nearby Silicon Valley of the 70's and 80's. Glovaski would remain employed there for many years, becoming more dissillusioned of the whole work ethic with each passing year. Finally, at the age of thirty five he made the decision to pursue his life long dream of becoming an artist. He began working with local art consulting firms and had his first shows at local restaurants and cafe's in the San Jose area. It was at one of these downtown San Jose restaurants that he would catch the eye of prominent local gallery owner Frederick Spratt who happened to be dining one night at the restaurant where Glovaski had a couple of his large canvases on display. Glovaski was asked to join the Frederick Spratt Gallery and would go on to enjoy a ten year relationship with the gallery having many group and solo shows.

Glovaski went on to work at the San Jose Museum of Art as an installer for several years. In 1995 he and his wife left their small hamlet and moved to San Francisco. There, Glovaski would eventually get a job at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art as a on-call installer. At this same time he would be asked to join the Dolby/Chadwick Gallery where he remained for almost eighteen years. Glovaski is currently represented by several galleries and art consulting firms across the country and continues to produce work in his small studio in Spreckels.